Faith Of Our Fathers

This country was founded on Christian principles, and faith has been a guiding light to the great leaders and common people of our nation throughout our history. The resources below demonstrate the “faith of our fathers.”

American Destiny — “Restoring the heart and soul of America, from generation to generation, because our freedom is not guaranteed;” includes founding documents and historical quotes

Federalist Patriot — links to numerous historical documents, many of which show the faith of our fathers and demonstrate that we live in a country that has historically been a Christian one

Presidential Prayer Team — “Mobilizing millions of Americans to pray daily for our President, our Leaders, our Nation, and our Armed Forces;” site includes information on the history of faith and prayer in American public life

Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Proclamation, the first annual Thanksgiving proclamation

Wallbuilders — historical documents and resources, emphasizing America’s religious and constitutional heritage

Anglican History

Links to information and resources on Anglican history and current events in the Anglican world:

  • Choose This Day: Videos from Anglican lay people committed to staying true to Biblical orthodoxy and our Anglican heritage
  • Prayer Book History: Books of Common Prayer from around the world as well as history of the Prayer Book
  • The Prayer Book Society: Maintaining the Anglican tradition of Common Prayer and promoting the use and understanding of the traditional Books of Common Prayer
  • Project Canterbury: Texts of Anglican literature through history
  • Virtue Online: The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism


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